iClassics Productions Crazy Sale: ALL APPS $0.99


Yes, the title is quite correct – it’s not a typo, if that’s what you were thinking…

Just on time for the weekend, one of Barcelona’s freshest and most artistic tech startups has decided to slash the price of every one of its apps from $4.99 to only $0.99.

The iClassics Collection gathers a total of 9 immersive reading apps, so if you do the math, that means you can be the proud owner of the entire collection for under $10!

Such craziness will be short-lived, of course, so this weekend is the perfect opportunity to feast on the artistic, literary and technological delights that iClassics Productions has served up over the past two years.

Although specialising in the horror, terror and macabre genres, the iClassics Collection is, in fact, a diverse and dynamic buffet of literary gems, with a range of the greatest authors from the western literary canon.

H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Arthur Conan Doyle, Washington Irving, and Jack London are the giants that we, at iClassics Productions, decided to tackle when we sought to produce the iClassics Collection. And what a fine job we’ve done, if we are permitted to say so ourselves!

As opposed to many interactive books one can find while perusing the iTunes App Store, Google Pal, and Amazon, the iClassics Collection is truly artistic, with the sublime illustration paying homage to the works of the greats through their beauty and mystery. And it doesn’t stop at illustration, alone. Animation, FX, interactivity and music all come together into a creative melt that will be sure to tickle every fibre of your nerves!

This content is not gimmicky, but rich, mischievous, clever, creative. Moreover, the illustration is brought to life through subtle but sophisticated animation and interactivity, allowing the reader to become wholly engrossed in the narrative of the story.

What’s more, the illustration, interactivity and animation adds to, rather than subtracts from, the reading experience, thanks to the seamless way that the typography is stitched into the artfully put together structure of each and every page of the collection.


For frets and frights, the iPoe Collection is a must – and there are three apps to choose from. But, priced at $0.99, you may as well buy all three – you’ll be getting three hours of reading satisfaction for a cost of a cup of coffee. And a cup of coffee is cold in minutes. But be duly warned – there is one thing that’ll turn cold when reading iPoe, and that’s your blood. Yes, spring’s not here quite yet, so savour the remnants of gloom and darkness, and add a sooty sprinkle of mystery and macabre to the final dregs of winter, and buy the entire iPoe Collection! The squawking crows and screams and skulls will not disappoint, that’s for sure.

If you still want horror, but dark romance and macabre is not your cup of tea, then the iClassics Collection also offers up a slice of cosmic terror and dread with its most widely acclaimed app, the iLovecraft Collection. Filled with tentacles, darkness and gore, the works of H.P. Lovecraft are transformed into an experience that stands somewhere between the cinematic and the literary worlds. It’s an app that’s as hard to categorise as Lovecraft was himself. And, just to drive the point home – it’s $0.99! So cheap for such a fine and gourmet serving of existential dread!

But if the winter season has left you blue and ragged and gloomy, and you’re now longing for dabs of colour and bursts of blossom, then keep calm, the iClassics Collection has the perfect app: The iWilde Collection. This ludic, colourful and charming collection of stories celebrates the lesser know fairytales of the Irish genius, Oscar Wilde. Full of allegory and wonder, this dreamlike collection of stories is made all the more magical with iClassics Productions’ always top-quality artwork, animation, and interactivity. A beautiful original soundtrack serves as the sticky icing on the cake of this fantastic, family-friendly immersive reading app.


The iWilde and iPoe Collection are the two extremes of the iClassics Collection, but in between there’s plenty more to gorge on.

Sharpen your deductive prowess with The Interactive Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which features A Scandal in Bohemia – no less!

If the change of the seasons has left you ponderous, then the iLondon collection, which gathers the greatest short works of Jack London, will fill the windy cave of ponderousness that howls within you. Replete with dark comedy and tragedy, the iLondon Collection is one of the most diverse apps iClassics Productions has created to date!

But one question remains: why choose? With a price so staggeringly and mind-bendingly low, why settle for but one or two, or three!

Get the entire iClassics Collection for under $10, and find yourself at the forefront of a literary revolution. Show it to your friends, brag about having it, spread the word, and be part of something entirely fresh and innovative. If you do, you’ll doubtlessly be left craving more, and more.

And fear not, word is about town that the iClassics Collection is far from being complete, with many exciting projects and creations stocked up in the pipeline! So keep your cool, get the iClassics Collection, and hold tight for the new awe-inspiring releases iClassics Productions is preparing to bequeath to the world!

All apps will be priced at $0.99 for a limited time only, so you must hurry! But if you try one, you’ll be sure to try another, and then another.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-12-24-06ALL OUR APPS COULD BE YOURS FOR UNDER $10

Thus, be wise, and buy the entire iClassics Collection for a price cheaper than your average book: under $10.

The spout of insanity that has fallen upon iClassics Productions will, sadly, come to an end, so get it now:




Reading, Learning and the iClassics Collection


At the turn of the 20th century, Beatrix Potter was only another children’s author. She then managed to persuade her publisher to invest in four-colour printing, and she subsequently became the sensation we all know and love to this day.

Books have always been tactile and visual experiences. We play with them and bend them, we write in them and smell them, and the creases impressed upon the pages and covers of books serve as evidence of the affection or frustration we have for them. And one of the initial complaints against the emerging ebook was that such experiences would be lost to a cold, electronic, and one-dimensional reading experience. And now ebooks and books live side-by-side, more or less.

What the story for Beatrix Potter illustrates is that reading, especially for younger readers, is a combination of textual and visual sensory experiences. And, because of the visual and technological culture we now find ourselves in, this has become truer than ever. English and literature teachers can thus find it rather difficult to convey the power and endurance of the written word to their students.

iClassics Productions has found a solution.

The iClassics Collection is an immersive reading library that takes the original and unabridged texts of classic literature, and enriches it with illustration, animation, interactivity and music.

The idea behind this innovative concept is to bring the timeless classics of literature to a medium that registers with millennial and post-millennial students.

However, our mission is to augment, and not supplant, the original texts of the authors we use, with visual, audial and interactive matter. This helps today’s young readers see the relevance of the text by breathing a revived and modern energy into the classic works.

At iClassics Productions, we believe that, by casting a modern light on the classic texts of yesteryear, we can aid teachers in getting their students’ attention, and help reignite students’ love of, and intuition for, great and timeless stories.

Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, H.P. Lovecraft, E.A. Poe, Jack London, and Arthur Conan Doyle are some of the literary giants we have included in our iClassics Collection, bringing their works into the eager hands of millennials by creating a disruptive product that has purposefully blurred the lines between the literary and cinematic worlds.

Make your students fall in love with the classics as you did by clicking here


5 Reasons to read classics


The only thing old about most classics is their age. Classics are books whose roots run deep and wide into the ground of what we call culture and civilization, standing strong and unfazed in spite of the spats and tantrums of time and change.  

Indeed, the content of the greats is as modern as a tablet, hence why they still exist, and are called “classics”. And that’s why we, at iClassics Productions, decided to upload them onto this medium, complete with artistic illustration, animation, and music. 

The problem, today, is not that classics are the shredded and irrelevant remnants of bygone days scattered here and there in the roaring content-river of the postmodern age, but rather that people often see them as being so, especially millennial students. In the gushing river of information in which we find ourselves adrift, the classics stand as the firm outcrops at which we can clutch, and which never move in spite of the river’s force and fury.

To get the message across of their worth and importance to millennial students is a difficult task, however persuasive one may be. One can emphasise the universals contained within them rather than the particularities that are now outdated, but it’s difficult to get the modern student’s attention this way. They’d probably switch off at your utterance of “universals”. Indeed, it’s always easier to show than to explain, and more so today. And the iClassics Collection does just that.

Ours is a visual culture, and the hungry viscera of postmodernity must gobble up as much visual content as possible. To draw attention to classic literature in such a milieu, we decided to marry the visual and textual by meshing the unabridged texts of classic literature with animated imagery and audio, facilitated by using the wizardry of modern programming. The fruits of this labour are the tactile tales contained in our innovative iClassics Collection.

But before you check that out, here are 5 reasons why iClassics Productions thinks the classics should be read. Enjoy.

1. Timeless Universals 


Society, and its shifting trends, tends to be cyclic. History repeats itself, and things come and go. Great writers capture the essence of this cycle, and, with the precision of words, photograph the universals that transcend all epochs and generations, and all races and creeds. This universality, penned onto page, distills into a work that later generations recognise and regard as a “classic”, meaning that, in spite of its age, it goes on being relevant. Take, for example, F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, and it’s clear that the decadence, frivolity and moral decay he managed to capture in the 1920s Jazz Age and its “lost generation” can quite easily be applied to today’s “use and toss” culture. It offers a timeless critique of the idea that everything, including humans, is expendable, and that anyone, at any time, can rebrand and reshape themselves into something that society deems appealing. It’s for this reason that Baz Lurhman’s adaptation, for example, doesn’t seem so out of place as a modern production.

2. Lexical Rigor 


Classics can be difficult. There’s no denying it. Henry James, for the modern reader, can be a slog. Even Charles Dickens, who, in his time, was considered demotic, is quite difficult for modern readers to get through. James Joyce and Marcel Proust, for the majority of us, are impenetrable. This is because the language of such classics, unlike the digestible 140-word phrases of Twitter, is descriptive and dense. And Dickens can, indeed, be a bit overcooked. But it’s still delicious. The fact that classic literature is challenging, both on an intellectual and moral level, is not a reason for them to be shunned to the shadows because they make us blush in intellectual embarrassment. On the contrary, the lexical richness of many classics is a reason to read them.

But a brief perusal of social media demonstrates that language, in many ways, has slumped into a lazy nadir and stupor.Today, litres of words are carelessly spilled, and, being empty and basic, they quickly dry up, and the reservoirs of our shared linguistic heritage continue their fateful draining.  Classics can remedy such a lexical drought, showing us how the delicate weave of the written word, if executed adeptly, can run along like a melody, sustaining a momentum, and producing a kind of music. Indeed, even the great contemporary  writers, of which there are many, are undoubtedly inspired by the ghostly music composed by the timeless greats, and which echoes across the epochs. 

3. Humanising History


Many people remember their study of history as a rote learning of cold facts, personified perfectly in Dickens’ Hard Times by Mr. Bounderby, who stated that children are rational animals, and should be taught thusly. This process often creates an inaccurate and collage-like view of history as being but a sequence of events that proceeded the way they did, well, because they did.

Literature, existing in our shared and common history and heritage, humanises this apparently cold and inhuman timeline. Historians write about history when its history; writers record history as its happening, capturing the moral and emotional consequences of the events as they unfurl in realtime. Many universities, for this reason, offer students the possibility of studying literature and history together, given that they are academically and intellectually complimentary. Consider this statement: Child labour existed during the Industrial Revolution. Now compare it to William Blake’s emotive indictment:

When my mother died I was very young,
And my father sold me while yet my tongue
Could scarcely cry ” ‘weep! ‘weep! ‘weep! ‘weep!”
So your chimneys I sweep & in soot I sleep.


4. Discovering Ourselves


Italo Calvino, writing in the New York Review of Books, wrote that

“…a classic does not necessarily teach us anything we did not know before. In a classic we sometimes discover something we have always known (or thought we knew), but without knowing that this author said it first, or at least is associated with it in a special way.”

He alludes to a curious but powerful experience of reading great writing that every attentive reader, at some point, has experienced – a sense of knowledge being lit up, as opposed to its being acquired. Indeed, many of the greatest writers have merely pointed out things that we all once knew, but later have forgotten. Wisdom may be widely dispersed, but it’s commonly ignored, or else so close that it’s not seen. A good writer rewords a thing, and backlights it with poetry, forcing us to re-see the truths that exit in all ages and societies, and, in so doing, aids us in learning about who we are and the society of which we are a part. 

5. The Joy of Discovery


To discover something is total exhilaration. Be it a physical place or the learning of something new, discovery is the intake of an exotic air we have never breathed. The past contains the skeletons of lived experienced by those who are now dead. And literature, unlike any other art, is the best form humans have yet found for expressing and recording such experiences. Particularly, the novel allows for the profundity of human psychology and emotion to be explored, which has proved to be more cofounding and paradoxical than the depths of the deepest ocean. And its all there for us to explore and discover, recorded on paper and stocked up in libraries. The collected classics of human history serves as a mammoth and mesmerising diary that registers the perplexity of human experience, encrusting it into a solid and un-withering posterity. It is for this reason that the classics will never disappear. Every attempt to burn or banish the greats by despots and dictators has, in the end, failed. 

And here at iClassics Productions, we love the classics. 

In fact, we love them so much that we have adapted them for modern media devices in an attempt to demonstrate their timeless importance to modern students.

To join our mission today, click here


iClassics and Languages


The majority of the iClassics Collection is available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese

The iClassics Collection is therefore an indispensable tool for advanced language learners to polish up on their languages.

Moreover, during the reading, the language may be changed at any moment, and, thanks to our sophisticated page memory system, the reader can continue with the story in another language.

Readers can naturally expand their lexicon in multiple languages while reading and enjoying great literature in a wholly innovative and original way. 

Find out more about iClassics and our Education Program by clicking here




7 Reasons Why Students Should Read the iClassics Collection


The iClassics Collection, which celebrates classic literature by bringing it to modern devices, appeals to modern students for many reasons.

All of the reading apps contained in the iClassics Collection are immersive and interactive, casting a modern light on the timeless tales of old.

Here are 7 reasons why the iClassics Collection should be read by students.

1. Artistic Illustration


The iClassics Collection, unlike many apps, is not gimmicky. Its illustrations are rich and highly artistic, capturing the attention of everyone who experiences its apps.

It is for this reason that our users give The iClassics Collection almost a 5* review average

David G. Forés, the Art Director at iClassics Productions, is an incredibly gifted artist and illustrator, having illustrated for the iPoe and iLovecraft Collections, in addition to illustrating for his own physical books: The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe and The Illustrated Ravings of Love and Death

Some of David G. Forés’ work: 

The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe


Raving of Love and Death

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2) Animation


Following the high-quality completion of the artistic illustration, the second step in the complex process of producing one of our high-quality immersive reading apps is to animate the content. This process is complex, requiring highly specialised programmers and graphic designers to bring the work to life while maintaining the text’s content and integrity.

The idea of the iClassics Collection is for the visual content to be an addition to, and not an interruption of, the original and unabridged texts, and it is for this reason that the process of  animating the visual content is a delicate one, given that a subtle balance must be struck.

To get an idea of the type of animation in our apps, here is our iPoe Collection trailer:


3) Interactivity


One of the features that makes the iClassics Collection truly compelling for the modern student is its interactivity. The interactive elements bring another dimension to the animations, letting the reader interact with, and become part of, the story. 

Moreover, with the ever greater leaps and bounds of technological progress, the possibility for more and more complex levels and layers of interaction is opening up, which means that the iClassics Collection is an ever evolving concept and product.

To get a better idea of the type of interaction in our apps, here is some behind the scenes footage during the making of our iWilde Collection


4) Original Sound Effects

*The iLondon Collection is perhaps the best example of the iClassics Collection’s original and high-quality sound effects

A very unique feature of the iClassics Collection is the fact that all of the sound effects within the app are created specifically for the content. This allows for the possibility of ensuring that the sounds generated during the story are as in line with its content as possible. This ensures that the sound effects never seem misplaced or overdone, guaranteeing a seamless concord with the story. 

5) Original Soundtrack


Aside from the stories themselves, everything in the iClassics Collection is original, and this includes the musical soundtrack. Each story within our iClassics Collection has a musical score recorded specifically for the mood and ambience of the particular story, with the speed and rhythm of the music being in line with the time it takes the average reader to read the text, which is made possible because of our sophisticated programming methods.

Click here to listen to the music recorded for our award-winning iPoe Collection

6) Diversity

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Although featuring a weighty quantity of horror and terror stories, with the iPoe Collection and iLovecraft Collection being our most popular and successful apps, iClassics Productions has created a diverse range of immersive reading apps across multiple genres. With Oscar Wilde, Jack London, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Charles Dickens, the iClassics Collection is eclectic and diverse. 

The iLondon Collection, for example, contains multiple genres inside one app, with black comedy (Moon-Face), profundity (The Law of Life), and adventure (The Story of Keesh), all rolled into one immersive reading experience.

7) Immersion 

Text, illustration, animation, interactivity, sound effects and music all combine to create a wholly immersive reading experience, involuntarily pulling the reader into the story by activating as many senses as possible.  Our iClassics Collection goes a step further than the conventional ebook, turning reading into a whole new experience that bridges the literary and cinematic worlds by fusing the literary and the visual arts. 

These are but some of the factors that make the iClassics Collection so compelling for younger readers and students.

iClassics Productions has opened up new creative avenues that combine literature, the visual arts and music, all of which are blended into one immersive experience with the iClassics Collection

Don’t let students think literature is boring and irrelevant.

Inspire them today with the iClassics Collection

Click here to find out how. 

iPoe Collection Featured on iTunes


To celebrate the 208th birthday of Edgar Allan Poe, iClassics Productions has slashed the price of its iPoe apps from their usual price of $4.99 to only $1.99.

Being a product supported by Apple, the iPoe Collection is now being promoted on the iTunes App Store, complete with an artwork banner.

iClassics Productions urges teachers to encourage their students to download our unique Edgar Allan Poe immersive reading apps, complete with animation and music, to read over the weekend. 


 Deal ends Sunday, January 22. 


Edgar Allan Poe Anniversary Week


This week, iClassics Productions is celebrating the birth of a literary master we hold close to our hearts.

Insightful, dark and mysterious, E.A. Poe has become a figurehead that transcends his work, becoming an icon of almost mythical proportions. 

Yesterday, he turned 208 years old. And to celebrate, iClassics Productions has slashed the price of its iPoe Collection apps from $4.99 to only $1.99

Today is Friday, providing for the perfect opportunity for teachers to encourage their students to download these mind-blowing immersive reading apps so that they can read them over the weekend.

Show your students that literature isn’t boring and dull, and blow their hair back with the iPoe Collection, and demonstrate why E.A. Poe is, and always will be, relevant.

Available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Amazon


Edgar Allan Poe, Science and the Origins of Everything


Nahmanides’ commentary on Genesis is famous for its uncanny resemblance to the modern theory we now call The Big Bang. Indeed, in the thirteenth-century, he penned the following: 

At the briefest instant following creation all the matter of the universe was concentrated in a very small place, no larger than a grain of mustard. The matter at this time was so thin, so intangible, that it did not have real substance. It did have, however, a potential to gain substance and form and to become tangible matter. From the initial concentration of this intangible substance in its minute location, the substance expanded, expanding the universe as it did so. As the expansion progressed, a change in the substance occurred. This initially thin noncorporeal substance took on the tangible aspects of matter as we know it. From this initial act of creation, from this ethereally thin pseudosubstance, everything that has existed, or will ever exist, was, is, and will be formed.

Given that the Big Bang is a twentieth-century scientific theory, it is simply astounding that anyone, living in the thirteenth-century, could have been esoteric enough to intuit something so fundamental and unapparent about the nature and origins of the universe. Nahmanides, like many other mavericks before and after him, belongs to that special breed of person who sees and feels things before everyone else. German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, once wrote that:

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

Similarly, Vladimir Nabokov once wrote that a genius “…is an African who dreams up snow.”

Today is Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday, and he, like Nahmanides, was the kind of person who felt and saw the nature of things before others. 

John Horgan, writing in the Scientific American, wrote about how he discovered the interesting fact that Edgar Allan Poe’s thinking in his book, Eureka,  perhaps foretold twentieth-century cosmological theory: 

“Poe’s book (Eureka) strikes me as both strange and strangely familiar. It’s like a 19th century version of the many manuscripts I have received over the decades from brilliant but deranged autodidacts who have solved the secrets of the universe. Imagine what you might get if you toss Aristotle’s Metaphysics and Newton’s Principia in a blender along with scoops of gothic rhetoric and romantic philosophy. Eureka does indeed evoke some modern scientific ideas, but in the same blurry way that Christian or Eastern theologies do.”

The fact that Edgar Allan Poe’s anticipation of modern scientific theory is, in fact, blurry and mystical, makes it seem all the more captivating and mysterious and profound. Edgar Allan Poe explored truth through poetry, and in so doing, he managed to describe the universe as expanding and contracting like a “divine heartbeat.” In his preface, he penned: 

“To the few who love me and whom I love – to those who feel rather than to those who think – to the dreamers and those who put faith in dreams as in the only realities – I offer this Book of Truths, not in its character of Truth-Teller, but for the Beauty that abounds in its Truth; constituting it true. To these I present the composition as an Art-Product alone: let us say as a Romance; or, if I be not urging too lofty a claim, as a Poem.”

Today is Edgar Allan Poe’s 208th birthday, and to celebrate the occasion, we have slashed the price of our iPoe apps from $4.99 to only $1.99

These are available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Amazon


Celebrate the birthday of this unique esoteric writer today, and read his work as never before with our immersive reading apps. 

And click here to find out why our iPoe Collection is an indispensable addition to teachers’ pedagogies, helping to inspire students with the works of this master of American letters.



iClassics: Inspiring millennials with classic literature


iClassics Productions offers students the possibility of accessing a modern product that embodies technology, art, culture, literature, and education in a new and innovative way.

Literature, for many students, is seen as a boring and dry subject, associated with yellowed and frayed pages. Irrelevant and difficult, the smell of dusty and decaying books invariably induces a yawn from many students. 

Plastered over the media, in both broadsheets and tabloids, are lamentations that reading, as a recreation among the young, is in wane, and that literacy standards, as a result, are on the decline.

Technology and smart phones and social media are all scapegoated for this seemingly irrevocable dumbing down.

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However, we need not be so deterministic, nor so pessimistic, nor so blameful. 

At iClassics Productions, we believe in meeting modern millennials halfway.

We can get literature into their hands by adapting it to the modern mediums that they use daily and which have become seamless to them. 

And that is exactly what iClassics Productions has done.

iClassics Productions is innovative in its field. It has gone beyond static e-books.

We have zealously grabbed at the threads of technology, art, and literature, and have woven them all into a product that is modern, forward-thinking, and easy to use.

More importantly, the iClassics Collection piques the interest of children, prompting them to effortlessly read and enjoy great literature.

See writer Anna Maxted describe in The Telegraph how her children were captivated by our iClassics Collection here


The unabridged texts of classic literature

+ animation

+ interactivity

+ sound effects

+ musical soundtrack

The iClassics Collection


Partner with iClassics Productions today with our iClassics Education Program, and allow students to access all of this for only $0.99 per app, per device. 




John Updike’s Magical Introduction to Oscar Wilde’s Sumptuous Fairytales


John Updike, like other great prose stylists, struck such an artful precision with his words that the essence of the thing they represent seems to rustle between the letters.

Vladimir Nabokov once told his students not to read with their heads or hearts, but with their spines. And when one reads a writer like Nabokov, and John Updike, it is clear what is meant by this advice. Updike’s writing, for example, is so rich and visceral, and yet so precise and poetic, that it is almost tactile and palpable. 

It comes as no surprise, then, that John Updike’s introduction to Oscar Wilde’s fairytales is nothing short of magical. His supple, smooth prose guides young readers into the wild imagination of Oscar, letting them know that they, still being young, have the gift of being receptive to the strange but enduring truth that fairytales so timelessly convey. 

iClassics Productions recommends reading his beautiful introduction, which can be reached by clicking here

And we also recommend reliving Oscar Wilde’s classic fairytales with our unique and heartfelt tribute to this Irish legend, The iWilde Collection, which is available for the iOS and Android